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How It Works?

How it Works?

Wondering who to call about your projected wooden floor restoration in East London E13? Time to hand it over to the professionals! The East London Floor Sanding company’s professional team will provide all the expertise you need for your wooden flooring needs in East London. As a bit of extra assistance, here’s our fast-track guide to how the process works and what you can expect from us at every step, from the initial call to completion of the project.

First Off…

The whole process kicks off when you make the call to your East London E15 floor restoration experts. A free, no obligation assessment will be booked in by our friendly team and they’ll also answer all the questions you will certainly have about how the process works.

Why not take a look at what our satisfied customers have been saying about us on our Testimonials page while you’re waiting for your site visit?

When it’s most convenient for you, our expert assessor visit your home and business, and will thoroughly examine your floor. They’ll listen carefully to what you want us to do with it, and advise you of the best way to proceed. Its current condition will be assessed to see whether there are things like rotting or damaged boards that need to be replaced, and you’ll also be able to discuss what sort of finish you’re after and what the available options are.

Free Quote

After you’ve had a good chat about your wooden floor plans with the assessor, we’ll send you a no-obligation quote. This will be completely free and say it like it really is. We do not deal in nasty surprises like ‘hidden extras’, and the price you’re quoted is exactly what you’ll pay at the end of the job. ​

The Big Day

Once a suitable date has been agreed, our East London E10 floor sanding team will turn up punctually with their cutting-edge equipment and get down to work. First off, any repairs that need doing will be tackled, such as replacing bad boards or damaged tiles. After that, they’ll use their dust-free industrial equipment to sand away the dust and grime and bring the fresh and natural underlying wood to the light of day.

By the time the floor has been sanded two or more times a silky-smooth finish will have been achieved. This is when we’ll apply your choice of finish from our range of eco-friendly seals, stains and wood finish products. The room will then be completely cleaned by the team to leave it looking fabulously neat and they’ll finally hand you your free wood cleaning kit so you can keep the floor healthy and attractive for years to come.

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